We build handcrafted custom designed modular buildings you can trust on.

With more than a two decades of dedicated manufacturing, engineering, service and experience behind us, and thousands of satisfied customers, EUROmodul will provide a first class classic modular building or container project for you and your needs.


There are limitless possibilities when building bespoke modular buildings (containers) And the best thing about them is that they can be easy, modified, upgraded or changed in some way. Each project we do is 'tailor made' for individual projects, locations, and specific use. Imagine having the power to customize your project anyway you like and then change it later if you want to. That’s the power of BESPOKE CONTAINERS by EUROMODUL.

From basic concepts tocomplete projects

Our extensive experiences and know-how gives us the ability to plan anddevelop complex projects from simple preliminary designs and concepts. Ourteam is here to help you visualize everything before we start creating.

We plan, design and manufacture everything in our production facilities in Croatia and Serbia and then we deliver all around Europe, Asia, Russia and USA where our team assembles and installs your new custom build project.

Latest projects

Osijek - Dr. Ante Starcevic square project,Croatia

About the cityOsijek is the fourth largest city in Croatia with a population of 108,048 in 2011. It is the largest city and the economic and cultural

Mobile Go-Kart truck - 360 Karting

Mobile Go-Kart Truck is the first innovative concept of this kind which was technically developed and manufactured exclusively for Ensol 360 karting,

PREMIUM Kindergarten modular building

This Modular kindergarten is designed and constructed by our Euromodul team in Croatia for Switzerland. The entire building was made of different modu